The late Dan "Wolfy" Wolfram, inspiration for the co-ed softball tournament.
Daniel “Wolfy” Wolfram

Wolfy Memorial Tournament

— est. 2020 —

Spurred as an idea in lieu of a funeral during the pandemic, the first Wolfy Memorial Tournament was held in September, 2020, pieced together with the help of family and friends to honor our late friend and teammate.

The tournament was a success bringing in 25 regional co-ed softball teams to compete. Without prompt, each teams’ jersey honored Wolfy in someway including phrases or ‘Wolfy-isms,’ as they are referred, and sporting his favorite number, 99.

Through the community’s generosity the tournament was able to raise enough money to return for 2021, but more importantly, give back to youth sports and education, like Wolfy did. In the spring of ’21, the organization contributed two $1,000 scholarship to students from Mecosta and Osceola counties. The Michigan Expos, a girls’ travel softball team, received $500 for team equipment.

Our mission is to continue to remember Wolfy through the game of softball while raising funds to support the future generation of ball players.


Cody Wyman, member of the Board of Directors for the Wolfy Memorial Tournament.

Cody Wyman

Born in Reed City, MI, over a decade ago Cody met Dan through his son, Justin. Years later the two would collaborate on a charity tournament for the homeless shelter ‘Our Brother’s Keeper.’ This would be the spark that developed this tournament in Wolfy’s honor. Cody hopes to continued their shared inspiration to help youth softball and future generations.

Favorite Wolfy Quote: “Listen. You about ready?

Josh Pyles, member of the Board of Directors for the Wolfy Memorial Tournament.

Josh Pyles

A Big Rapids, MI native, Josh met Wolfy over 15 years ago playing softball. It’s Dan’s legacy that brings Josh to the organization where he hopes to carry on Wolfy’s vision in cultivating youth sports, education, and adult softball.

Favorite Wolfy Quote: “Quit Chili Dippin’.”

John Bongard, member of the Board of Directors for the Wolfy Memorial Tournament.

John Bongard

John and Wolfy go all the way back to childhood. They played ball together on the ole Circle K team, and against each other facing off annually during Barryton Days. John loved Wolfy’s spirit, his passion for the game, and joins the organization as a way to give back in his name, just like Wolfy did.

Favorite Wolfy Quote: “I don’t get paid to call you safe.”

Justin Wolfram, member of the Board of Directors for the Wolfy Memorial Tournament.

Justin Wolfram

Dan’s oldest son and a Big Rapids High school Alum, Justin joins the organization to continue his father’s passion for community and local sports by giving back to the Mecosta County community. Some of his most cherished childhood memories were traveling from ball field to ball field with my dad growing my passion for softball and community athletics.

Favorite Wolfy Quote: “The beers will come when the work is done.”