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Come on down to Cranker’s Brewery, one of Wolfy’s favorite spots for juicy burgers, the once famous meatloaf sandwich, and homemade pies. Stop out back to enjoy an open firepit, cornhole, and room for dining.

Join Us at Cranker’s Brewery Outdoor Garden After the Tourney

Sat. Sept. 25th, 2021



All burgers come with lettuce, tomato, red onion, and pickles. Served with homemade chips. Pick your cheese (Swiss, American, Cheddar, or Pepperjack. Pick your bun (Potato or Pretzel).

Olive Burger
The Best of the “Midwest Olive Burger. Homemade Olive schmutz, green olives, and swiss cheese.

Pulled Pork Burger
Pulled pork piled high with thick cut bacon and smothered in BBQ sauce.

The Cranker’s Classic Burger
The classic served with cheese.

Bacon Burger
The classic beef burger, topped a with thick-cut smoked bacon.

Vegan Burger
A delicious vegan patty made with black bean, corn, and rice.


The Traditional
A ground beef patty, American cheese, and caramelized onions, pickles, mustard, and ketchup.

Mac Daddy
Pulled pork, mac-n-cheese, Buffalo sauce, and bleu cheese.

The Hill Billy
Smoked bacon, peanut butter, mayo, lettuce, and tomato.

Lickin’ Chicken
Breaded chicken, hot sauce, maple syrup, lettuce, and pickle.

The Greek
Gyro meat, tomato, onion, and Tony’s Tzatziki sauce.

Piggy Back
Pulled pork, homemade creamy slaw, BBQ sauce, and pickle .


Ham, pulled pork, Swiss cheese, pickle, and mustard on rye.

The Hanni
Classic chicken tenders with Swiss & American cheese, lettuce, tomato, and your choice of sauce, all rolled into a pita.

The Brisket Philly
Thinly sliced house smoked brisket, piled with peppers, onion, and melted cheese.

Detroit Coney
Classic hot dog smothered in chili and onions, with a side of mustard.


Greek Salad
Local mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, onion, chickpea olives, pepperoncini with feta cheese and Greek dressing.

Caesar Salad
Fresh Romaine lettuce tossed in Caesar dressing with croutons and fresh parmesan cheese.

Pizza – 14″

Homemade tomato sauce, topped with mozzarella and pepperoni.

Meat Lovers
Pepperoni, ham, sausage, and bacon.

Pulled pork, red onion, and bacon, all layered on mozzarella. cheddar cheese, and house made BBQ sauce.

Spinach, red onion, and green peppers on top of Pesto.


Two pieces of Cod, French fries, and creamy homemade slaw.

NY Strip
USDA choice, 10 oz., served with your choice of potato.

Cranker’s Famous Broasted Chicken
“You can’t get this chicken anywhere else Four (4) piece broasted chicken with seasoned broasted potatoes.

Melt in your mouth, five layer mac-n-cheese with homemade mac sauce.



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