Official Rules

Tournament Rules

  • 7-3 POWER COED TOURNAMENT with Upper and Lower Brackets.
  • No Play Before You PAY. Cash or check (Payable: Wolfy Memorial Tournament) must be in hand before the first pitch of the first team game. No exceptions.
  • All UMPIRE decisions are final. Only uphold courtesy and respect for the blue or you’ll be outta here. Any aggressive, unsportsmanlike conduct against u8mpires will not be tolerate and will result in immediate ejection, no prior warning necessary.
  • A GAME TIME ARRIVAL is considered a forfeit. We must keep this tournament moving. Teams are required to be ready to play and at their field 15-minutes prior to game time.
  • One (1) hour GAME TIME LIMIT. If the game has not ended by the end of the one (1) hour mark, the last inning will start right on the one (1) hour limit.
  • No game time limit in the CHAMPIONSHIP GAME
  • Home team will be determined by a COIN FLIP.
  • One (1) BALL and One (1) STRIKE count at the start of each at bat.
  • PLATE and MAT are a strike.
  • Cannot bat more than three MALES in a row per inning.
  • One (1) MALE and One (1) FEMALE Courtesy RUNNER per inning.
  • No metal cleats or spikes
  • PITCHING HEIGHT is between 6″-12″. Height at Umps judgement.
  • DEFENSE and RUNNER can touch plate or the mat for plays at home. Defense may use plate or mat on all forced outs.
  • EXTRA INNINGS: the last out from the previous inning will start on second base, and inning begins with one (1) out.
  • MERCY RULE: 15 Runs in Four (4) Innings. 12 Runs in Five (5) Innings. 10 Runs in Six (6) Innings.
  • HOME RUN LIMIT is Unlimited with the following rules: Two (2) free home runs per game per team. Additional home runs can be purchased for $5 each and must be purchase before the START of the game.
  • HOME RUN WRISTBAND: an unlimited Home Run wristband can be purchased for one (1) designated person per team for $20. This wristband can be purchased any point during the tournament in-between games.