Please fill out the form below to register your COED team for the 2nd Annual Wolfy Memorial Tournament on September 25th + 26th, 2021.

$250 Entry Fee

Reminder that you must have a minimum of three female players on each team roster. This is a 7-3 Power Co-Ed Tourney. There will be an upper and a lower bracket of play. Cannot bat four male players in a row.

Registered Teams

Upper Division
  • Dirty’s Dozen
  • FVA Bender and Sender
  • K.L. Design
  • Beer View Mirror
  • Larry’s Tire
  • Cheryl Sterling Attorney at Law
  • La Cocina Grille
Lower Division
  • Average Joes
  • You’ll Love It Here
  • Wolfy’s LV Fam
  • Hungry Like A Wolfy
  • Breazy Films
  • Krisch Tree Removal
  • Robbie Halstead